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VC  3/24

Dr. Helen Hong and her Team always put a smile on my face whenever I visit. Alexa stays on top of scheduling for my regular check up. Maria always does thorough work with the cleaning. I know I'm in good hands when Dr. Hong rounds out my visit with the quality check at the end. She clearly explains conditions I need to be aware of and even offers invaluable preventative care techniques. The proof is in the pearlies.

JK  3/22

Dr. Hong has been my dentist for about 2 years now and she is just so wonderful and gentle. She is very thorough in her explanations and like one of the other reviewers mentioned; my mouth doesn't hurt when she takes x-rays.  She is so much more careful than other dentists I've been to in the past-I actually never knew that you could get x-rays taken without the inside of your mouth hurting when you press your teeth down which leads me to believe that other dentists just don't really care about hurting you.  

Also, there have been many times in the past when I've been to the dentist and they rest their hand on my lip over my teeth and my lips get swollen from it to the point where it looks like I've had collagen injections in my lips(I never have and my lips are big enough so I don't need them to look bigger than already are!)  I've never had that issue at Dr. Hong's office. 

The staff is very nice also-Maria and Alexa.  Also, they email you and they can also text you appointment reminders.  I'm so glad I found Dr. Hong because I've been to some bad dentists in the past and I've had some very unpleasant experiences!  If you're looking for a dentist, I would highly recommend Dr. Hong!



JO 3/16

As always, was taken on time and treated great. Maria did a fabulous job and reminded me to floss everyday. I love the staff there.


MP 2/14

I can't say enough good words about Dr. Hong and her staff. Since moving to San Francisco from New Jersey 5 years ago, was afraid to go to a dentist (had been going to mine for 20 years in N.J.)My husband and his family kept telling me to go to Dr. Hong. Finally the pain in my tooth was so severe, I gave her a call. She was so gentle. I did'nt even feel the novacaine shot! She filled my cavity and told me everything she was doing along the way. Painless! I wish I would've went to her sooner. 5 stars is not enough, she deserves 100 stars! I look forward to seeing her again. Her staff was so great as well. I never thought I could find a dentist with such a gentle and pain free touch! Thank you Dr. Hong!


HB 1/24

Dr. Hong is very professional and knowledgeable.


JM 1/18

My 94 yr.old Mom, who doesn't spend alot of time caring for her teeth, realized that she needed a cleaning and so we went to Helen's office to do same. Well, she went in with a frown but came out with a smile, especially when they didn't just clean her teeth but gave them a special flouride coating.


JT 1/18

I've been here twice and both times the staff is just wonderful. Dr. Hong is very polite and will tell you exactly what she plans on doing. Nothing at all seemed hidden, she was very upfront about everything. She was super gentle and made sure that I was comfortable the whole time.


EF 1/13

Dr. Hong and her entire team are very friendly and professional. Dr. Hong provides quality dental care in a gentle and caring manner. She thoroughly explains all the procedures, both prior and during services. I have found her to be conservative in her diagnosis which makes me feel she's not "in it for the buck." I strongly recommend Dr. Hong and her team.


Anonymous 12/20

Going to the dentist is often an unnerving experience for me. Dr. Hong, and her caring staff, provided excellent service and expert care. I highly recommend Dr. Hong!


CR 12/14

Everyone was very nice and thorough. They respected my request to not have X-rays as I don't want the exposure to radiation and I appreciate their accomodation. They even gave me a slice of their yummy holiday cake and a goody bag.


TS 11/16

I have had a history of being dragged in and out of several dentist offices growing up. I was lucky enough to have a mother in the dental field so healthy teeth were imperative. I have to say that Dr. Hong has impressed me far beyond any other office could. As an adult I quickly realized that teeth cleanings and fillings were no longer bubble gum flavored dreams. I am so happy I was lead to Dr. Hong's office. I can honestly say I look forward to visiting her bi-yearly. She handles every patient with respect and professionalism. She is an expert and goes the extra mile to ensure that each patient is getting the kind of care that we deserve. She presents options and suggestions to make sure that you are knowledgeable and fully prepared to make the important decisions. With that said, when the actual procedure is done it is virtually painless. Needles and all!!! She so gentle I converted my whole family, including my 82 year old grandmother. She takes her time to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible when going through a awkward procedure. I fully appreciate her and her kind and courteous staff. Alexa and Shannon are dreamboats. Her diligence and commitment will pay off. Thank you for all that you do to make my life easier.



NP 11/13

Who ever said "no pain, no gain?" No pain and a beautiful cleaning/repair on my teeth. Thanks.


JO 10/20

For the last two weeks I have had the pleasure of visiting the dentist. Last Wednesday and the Tuesday before that I had deep root cleaning performed on all four quads. First week the right side followed by the left side. Sitting in the chair that first day I was feeling a bit apprehensive but was soon calmed by Dr. Helen Hong. She explained the procedure and asked if I had any additional questions. Throughout the procedure she stopped to ask if all was well. Everything went as planned and within the planned timeframe. The next day Dr. Hong called to check on my well being. The following week was just the same. Great service! Kudos to Dr. Hong and her assistant Alexa.


LC 10/18

Shannon is very gentle and patient! Kudos for her!



TH 10/17

Dr.Hong and her team provided excellent service and helped to make me very comfortable in what would of normally been a very nerve racking experience to say the least! They were also very accommodating when setting me up on a future plan for needed dental work and a payment plan.


FC 10/4

Dr Hong is very kind, very professional. She treats you as a friend, listens and do not rush you. She will not let you leave her office unsatisfied. I would recommend her to my family and friends.


AM 9/28

All my dental work is done at Helen Hong Dental. On September 22, I went in for my fall cleaning. Maria, who does the work did her usual competent, professional job. Followup by Helen Hong. I am very satisfied, and highly recommend them, Will be going there again as needed. Thanks to all, Helen, Maria and Alexa.


GR 11/9

I have been a patient of Dr. Hong's for a few years now, and I really appreciate the gentleness of her touch, and the thoroughness of her explanations. She is patient and understanding when I ask questions, and she also has a keen sense of humor.....



NI  11/6

The Dr. is always attentive and supportive. Quick response. Explanation is always clear.



PY  7/12

I highly recommend Dr. Helen Hong.
I started seeing her after I moved here and haven't considered anyone else.  She really does have the gentle touch, she and her staff are knowledgeable and kind, and there hasn't ever been any surprises as everything has always been explained.  
Bonus points for never having to wait very long, the current magazines, and the homey-feeling at this dentist office.



OP  6/16

If you were a super sensitive gagger like I am, then you'd have to come to see Dr. Hong!  As long as I could remember, no one had successfully taken a X-ray that was placed inside my mouth.  I would gag and start to cry because those films usually activate my gag reflex terribly.  But, when I had my first exam by Dr. Hong a few months ago, she used very creative techniques to make my gagging reflex tone down during the time she took the X-rays.  Seriously, I was soooo impressed with her skills and creative techniques that I highly recommend anyone who is a gagger or afraid of dentists to come see her.  Dr. Hong will make you feel so comfortable and the most important aspect of her care is I trust her opinion!